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District Finals 2024

District Finals 2024

District Finals Information

The North Texas District Championship is open to all Advanced and Intermediate teams in the district. Both divisions will quiz over the entire Fact-Pak, but only Advanced Level teams may move on to Regional or National competition.


Saturday, March 23rd, 2024

CasaView Assembly of God 
994, Ferguson Rd 
Dallas, TX -75228

Team check-in: 8:00 a.m.

MARCH 4th, 2024

NOTE: This includes team registration & lunch orders.    

Registration Fee

$65.00 per team

Payment Deadline

March 11th, 2024

Mailing Address

NTD Junior Bible Quiz
Attn. Michelle Garland
P.O. Box 838
Waxahachie, TX 75168-0838

Please make out checks to NTD JBQ, write "team registration" in memo area.



Our district policy is that every team must supply two officials and they must be registered along with your team.

For a meet to run successfully, we must have officials. If a team can only supply one official, the assistant coach will then serve as the 2nd official. If a team provides no officials, the team coach and assistant coach will serve as the officials. There will be hall monitors that will make sure the "coachless" team gets to the correct rounds on time.

We are aware that this will be a hardship, but we must have the officials for the meet to be effective and fair. The official does not have to be from the church he/she is representing. (Example: First Assembly provides four officials, two of which are for Second Assembly.) Arrangements must be made outside the meet and agreed upon before registration. It is not the responsibility of the Meet Coordinator to find officials for you team.

Please see this page for important information for your officials.

Tournament Format

The Advanced Level will play a complete Round Robin. Intermediate Level may be seeded into divisions, depending on the number of teams we have participating.

Teams in each division will play a complete round robin within their own division. Ties will be broken as determined by head-to-head competition.

Both Advanced and Intermediate Divisions will quiz over the entire Bible Fact-Pak. Rounds will consist of ten 10-point questions, seven 20-point questions, and three 30-point questions. There may be question repeats during the tournament.

The winner of the Advanced division will be considered the North Texas District's 2023-2024 champion and will be qualified to compete at the National JBQ Festival in June. That same team and the advanced-level teams in 2nd through 4th places will be qualified to compete at the South Central Region's JBQ Finals in April.

From Steve Grisham, Regional JBQ Coordinator:  We will have five invitations for the National JBQ Festival to be given out at Regional Finals. This does not include any national invitations that were given at District Finals. However, only three of the five invitations may go to the same district.


All individuals must stay on campus during lunch.  Lunch is provided from Chick-fil-A for $9.00 each.  The choices are sandwiches or nuggets. You may also bring your own lunch.

Lunch order deadline: March 4.
Payment deadline: March 12

You may pay for your lunch order by mailing a check to Deviney Brown or pay her electronically using Zelle.

  Deviney Brown
1027 Eagle Glen Drive
Wylie, TX 75098

  Deviney Brown at 214-793-1271


There will be no childcare offered. So please make plans accordingly.

Bible Master Competition

Our 21st annual Bible Master competition is open to any District Finals quizzer who has earned his or her Bible Master seal.

There will be no preliminary rounds. If there are more than 8 Bible Master quizzers actively registered by their coach or coordinator during team check-in, participation in the Bible Master Cup will be determined by total points scored by these quizzers during the day. The top 8 registered Bible Masters will then compete in the sanctuary in front of the entire North Texas group.

Will you be the winner of the coveted 2024 Bible Master trophy? Sign up for the competition during team check-in.
Click here for the official rules.

Ten Point Cup

Yes! The quizzers who answered the most 10-point questions during the day's competition will be able to compete for the 10-Point Cup before our awards ceremony. Quizzers who qualify for the competition will be notified after regular quiz rounds end.
Click here for the official rules.

Boy holding trophy