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Lunch Registration

All teams are required to stay on campus for lunch.  Our host church will be serving a convenient and economical lunch on Saturday.  Order your lunch now and receive your tickets during team check-in.

Lunch order deadline is March 19

Beverages and snacks will be available throughout the meet at the snack bar. See side bar for more details.

Lunch Menu

Chick Fil-A Sandwich or
Chick Fil-A Side Salad

$6.00 each
All lunches include chips, cookie, and water

Order your lunches

Day Phone
Cell Phone

Chick Fil-A

Choose either a Chick Fil-A Sandwich, or a Chick Fil-A Side Salad.  All lunches come with chips, cookie, and a bottle of water. 

Chick Fil-A Sandwich
Chick Fil-A Side Salad


Please print your confirmation page bring it along with your check payable to Trinity Church. You will pay for your lunch tickets when you check in.

Chick Fil-A
Registration Deadlines

Team Registration
March 21

Officials Registration
March 21

Lunch Orders
March 19

Tee Shirt Orders
March 19