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What is the 101 Club? It's one of the awards the North Texas District offers its finest quizzers. To achieve this award, a quizzer must quote (perfectly) at least 101 of the 107 scriptures contained in the official Bible Fact-Pak. That's not an easy task, so we devote this page to those North Texas District quizzers who have successfully met those tough requirements.

Each 101 Club member receives an attractive patch to add to his or her team shirt.  We'd love to have YOU as a member of this exclusive club, so study those quotation questions and have your church coordinator let us know when you have achieved the goal.

Patch # Name Area League
001 Katrina McCutchen Fort Worth
002 Taylor Smith Fort Worth
003 Hannah Bielitz Red River
004 Laura Roller Northeast
005 Alan Orcutt Fort Worth
006 Paul Ferguson Fort Worth
007 Danielle Jensen Denton
008 Hunter Funk Central Texas
009 Kelsey Hamersley Central Texas
010 Jonathan Chari North Dallas
011 Joel McMillan North Dallas
012 Kevin Rogers North Dallas
013 Maegan Skinner Central Texas
014 Cheryl Hamersley Central Texas
015 Dr. Bob Roller Northeast
016 Morgan Crabtree Fort Worth
017 Hope Wuerch Fort Worth
018 Grant Glover Fort Worth
019 Cole Miller Fort Worth
020 Nariana Sands Fort Worth
021 David Ferguson Fort Worth
022 David Trombley Fort Worth
023 Haleigh Smith Fort Worth
024 Alyssa Jenson Denton
025 Grant Bielitz Denton
026 Joshua Chari North Dallas
027 Katelyn Galloway North Dallas
028 Manju Chari North Dallas
029 Tammy Winter North Dallas
030 Henok Michael North Dallas
031 Chelsea Pinkston San Antonio
032 Samuel Grey Fort Worth
033 Londyn Bull Greater Dallas
034 Skyler Walker Rose Capital
035 Destinee Holland Northeast
036 Alyssa Skinner Central Texas
037 Emily Tasker Central Texas
038 Steven Mathew Central Texas
039 Joel James Central Texas
040 Joel Abraham Central Texas
041 Rebecca Fedorko Central Texas
042 Luis Torres Fort Worth
043 Kristen Stambaugh Rose Capital
044 Parker Frankiewicz Fort Worth
045 David Brauchler Fort Worth
046 Harrison Hoggard Fort Worth
047 Matthew Keenan Fort Worth
048 Patrick Keenan Fort Worth
049 Steven Torres Fort Worth
050 David Saunders Fort Worth
051 Samuel Galloway Great Dallas
052 Isaac Grey Fort Worth
053 Cameron Berta Fort Worth
054 Michelle Berta Fort Worth
055 Matthew Hipshire Fort Worth
056 Kaitlyn Ballard Denton
057 Tessa Busch Denton
058 Xavier Parker Denton
059 Jacob Miller Greater Dallas
060 Daisy Delgado Denton
061 Madie Rawlings Denton
062 Chloe Brown Greater Dallas
063 Melody Cornish Greater Dallas
064 Vinton Deemy Fort Worth
065 Reuben Deemy Fort Worth
066 Grant Hoggard Fort Worth
067 Jacqueline Martinez Fort Worth
068 Bailey Christiansen Fort Worth
069 Piper Christiansen Fort Worth
070 Jordan Christiansen Fort Worth
071 David Hipshire Fort Worth
072 Hannah Stumper Fort Worth
073 Moriah Cornish Greater Dallas
074 Sarah Grey Fort Worth
075 Leo Carroll Central Texas


District Finals - SCORES!

boy with trophy boy with trophy boy with trophy

March 30, 2019
Trinity Church
Cedar Hill, Texas

Which North Texas District church took the top two spots at this year's District Finals?  And which of those teams is heading for National Finals in June?  Even more important - how did YOUR team do at the 2019 District Championship?  You've got the questions; we've got the answers!  Head on over to the District Finals website to find out.

Check out the scores!

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