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North Texas District Circle of the Sword

Officials set the tone and keep the order of each quiz match. Well-trained and godly officials can help make a difficult situation much easier. For this reason, the North Texas District wishes to recognize and honor officials who have taken up the quest to become members of "The Circle of the Sword".

We want to appropriately recognize those adults who have worked hard to become a JBQ official, and who have taken on the task of earning their Seals through the study of the JBQ Fact-Pact questions and answers. Many times we find that while studying with our children, we too are learning the questions. This program gives us an opportunity to recognize those adults who earn their Seals by learning the questions, and successfully passing the appropriate officials' tests. Each level of accomplishment will be recognized at the Area level and again at the District level.

As you complete any of these levels, please click here to send that information to Donna Walker, who is in charge of our Circle of the Sword membership.

Here are the requirements for each level.

Level One: Discoverer of the Sword quizmaster

  • Official passes all parts of the online Kentucky test with a score of at least 70%, and
  • Earns Discoverer Seal

Level Two: Searcher of the Sword quizmaster

Level Three: Achiever of the Sword quizmaster

  • This is the highest level a former JBQ Master Seal Quizzer under age 16 can achieve. After age 16, Master of the Sword level may be awarded.
  • Official earns 100% on all parts of the online Kentucky test, and
  • Earns Achiever Seal

Level Four: Master of the Sword quizmaster

  • Official must be age 18 or above (age 16 if former JBQ quizzer.)
  • Official earns 100% on all parts of the online Kentucky test, and
  • Earns Bible Master Seal, and
  • Passes live evaluation during a mock quiz with other quizmasters there to evaluate his/her performance.

Success allows the official to be one of the ELITE members of The Circle of the Sword! Recognition will be made at Area and District events.

We appreciate all of you who give so much of yourselves to assure the success of your local JBQ program, a program that helps to provide the foundation of the Word in the lives of our children.