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Circle of the Sword Quizmaster Evaluation

Master of the Sword

The North Texas District's "Circle of the Sword" certification program for officials helps assure our district of having some of the best officials around!  "Master of the Sword Quizmaster", the highest level of "Circle of the Sword", requires the candidate to act as a quizmaster during a regular quiz meet while being evaluated by another quizmaster. 

Either the Area Coordinator or the person who did the evaluation may use this form to send the results of the evaluation to Donna Walker.  All fields are required.

Evaluator's Information

Please provide the name and contact information for the person
who evaluated the Master of the Sword quizmaster candidate.

First Name
Last Name
Area League
Preferred Phone
Area Coordinator
Candidate's Information

Please provide the name of the quizmaster-candidate who was evaluated for Master of the Sword.

First Name
Last Name
Area League

Date of Evaluation Meet:    



Evaluation of Quizmaster

Please answer each question by selecting the best answer from the drop-down boxes.

1.  Officials introduced and quizzers made at ease prior to quiz. (Smiles or grins)


2.  Demonstrates by actions encouragement to quizzers, coaches, other officials.


3.  Allows answers to questions and prayer offered prior to quiz.


4.  Explains in advance need for quiet during quiz and keeping quiz on track.


5.  Exhibits knowledge, comfort and versatility regarding rules and guidelines of quiz.

6.  Communicates well verbally; keeps mis-readings to a minimum.

7.  Follows set procedures for questions; ex. "Question, question # __ for __ points.

8.  Stays calm during points of order, coaches appeals, other difficult situations.

9.  Keeps quiz flowing and on track by wise use of time.

10.  Keeps pauses to a minimum while reading questions.

11.  Consistently and fairly recognizes interruptions, fouls, and assesses points correctly.

12.  Allows full 30 seconds for quizzer responses when answer's not obviously correct or incorrect.

13.  Encourages and actively enlists judge's ruling as needed in deciding correctness of answers.

14.  Exhibits sensitivity and concern for quizzers reactions on incorrect responses.

15.  Works well with timekeeper and scorekeeper; allows them their roles.

16.  Declares matches officially open and closed.

17.  Recognizes correct quizzer consistently, as well as time-outs by correct team.

18.  Exhibits good oversight of the match in all areas including atmosphere.


Other comments regarding the quizmaster being evaluated are as follows:

19.  What I like best about the quizmaster is:

20.  Suggestions I have for improvement are:

You may add a personal note to Donna Walker here:


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