Timekeeper Test

Test revised 11 /23/ 2002 to align with JBQ Guidelines Revised 2002.

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Test score  _________ correct out of 10 questions

Our quizzers and coaches spend many hours preparing for several weekend competitions.  This test is designed for adults who officiate to bless our kids by knowing the guidelines before walking in the room.  In this way you can be fair and accurate for the quizzer's sake.

This is an open book test that all officials serving as Timekeeper should take at least once a year.  This test is based on the Junior Bible Quiz guidelines revised in 2002.

Please circle correct answers.

1.   Amount of time in a time-out.

A.   5 seconds B.  60 seconds
C.   30 seconds D.   20 seconds

2.   Amount of time to make a request for a judges' ruling.

A.   1 minute

B.   90 seconds

C.   2 minutes D.   30 seconds

3.   Amount of time for teams to confer and make substitutions after a tie match has been announced.

A.   1 minute B.   0 seconds
C.   2 minutes D.   90 seconds

4.   Amount of time a team has to get to a match after the scheduled starting time.

A.   No time limit B.   5 minutes
C.   10 minutes D.   15 minutes

5.   Amount of time for a quizzer to answer once recognized by the quizmaster.

A.   10 seconds B.   20 seconds
C.   30 seconds D.   60 seconds

6.   Amount of time for a quizzer to respond after the conclusion of the reading of the question.

A.   15 seconds B.   10 seconds
C.   30 seconds D.   5 seconds

7.   Side of the coin used to indicate "correct" when a judges vote takes place.

A.   Heads B.   Tails

8.   Any judge who disagrees with a quizmaster's independent decision may request a vote of the judges by coin without conferring:

A.   By raising his/her hand B.   By holding up a coin
C.   By clearly stating "Independent Decision" D.   By clearly stating "Judges Vote"

9.   A judge requesting an independent decision must do so before:

A.  The next question is called B.   Before the match is closed
C.  Before time-out D.   All of A, B, and C

10.   If the quizmaster calls an incorrect color or number when recognizing a quizzer, a judge should:

A.  Immediately identify the proper quizzer B.  Remain silent
C.  Tell the quizmaster after the quizzer has answered D.  Call for a judges vote